Best and Worst Moments: Tega Odele

Tega Odele earned the 200m Gold  medal at the 2012 National Sports Festival in Lagos and at the 2015 National Championships in Warri but 3 years down the line, the Rio Olympian has been battling with injuries but insists “no one is taller than the last man standing.”


“They say your best years are still ahead of you hence I can’t say I have had my best moment yet. But I have had awesome and mind blowing moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life and track brought them my way.”

He continued, “winning the 200m at the Eko 2012 National sports festival was intriguing for me because it was the start and beacon of hope that everything was going on the right path and that I could live my dream. I’m not sure most people had tipped me to win but then boom, race was over and I had won. I call that moment the finger of God.”

“At the 2015 National Championships, I won the 200m. At that moment I knew it was time to take on the world. I had ran with some of the best guys in the country and won. I did not only win but posted a fantastic and world class time. Indescribable moment of pure joy. You never can totally describe the feeling of winning but then its overwhelming.”

Tega Odele (2L) on his way to winning the 200m title at the 2015 National Championships. Photo Credit: Supashegs 

“Every moment I come out to race is memorable and cherished for it is an opportunity to be able to showcase my God given talent . A time will come when everyone can’t race competitively and they can only look back and say we lived our best lives doing this.”


“I have also had terrible moments, for the love of track is a sweet bitter relationship. It comes with it’s own down times but we keep pushing and pressing. Prior to the Olympics in Rio I fell really sick, took me time to recover but I never got back to a good form though practice was looking promising. I went to the Olympics and raced below par. I was devastated and broken.”

Tega Odele competed in the 200m heat at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“In 2018, sometime around May/June, I was running incredible times in practice, I knew I was ready to race and my body was sound. No pains or strains. I was anticipating great times but then the federation had cancelled the Golden League. I opted to go race at Lagos and a couple of days to the race I tore my glute muscles. All the work put in, gone in a flash.”

His ending words were “The desire to keep pushing when the road becomes tough is how champions are made for no one is taller than the last man standing.”

Odele represented Nigeria at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, China



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