Best and Worst Moments: Peter Moreno

National Record Holder in the Decathlon and Pole Valut, Peter Moreno says the best moment of his career was winning the 2017 British Army Sports Man of the Year Award while pinpointing 2015 and 2018 as his worst moments. 


I would say my best moment in my career as an athlete was when I won the British Army Sports Man of the Year Award.

It may surprise a lot of people to know that we have great talents in the army sports in all areas and for me to come out on top was just the best feeling.

On how he won the Army Sports Award, he said ” I did 6 events for them and won 5 Gold and 1 silver. Them knowing that the National Records in the Pole Vault ad Decathlon are mine. My team work and support. They knew I was going for the Commonwealth Games but I didn’t get picked eventually, lol.”

However, they know I have made the team to the African Champs. Coming 2nd in the England Combined events Championships many times. Always showing off the Army in all I do. All of these are part of the reasons other than I’m just actually kinda good but it can be better with (give me something light)

Aside that,  I was  the runner up for the UKAF Sports Man of the Year. This is all thanks to the people behind me and the Army for giving me such opportunity to rise and shine.


My low points will have to be 2015 ad 2018. Both on which i was representing the country. Yes, it was a great honor to put the motherland kit but where is the honor when everytime you’re close to making the country proud, it just flies out of your hands.

2015, it happened when i crashed into the 7th hurdle after leading Day One. I was heading for a big PR in both the hurdles and decathlon. I could just feel the heat at that moment I crashed.

When all hope was lost with a nasty track burn to the leg after crashing into the hurdle. The event I enjoyed doing was the pole vault. I would never imagine that I could jump what I did with a bad leg.

All the anger in me came out in the vault. I knew I was not going to place in the decathlon but I might as well have fun in the rest. I cleared every height i attempted first time till i got to 4.50m, also first time, i knew the next height was 4.60m which was my PR and National Record that was not accepted till it was done in front of people.

However, I went to my run up, closed my eyes and said ‘God please jump with me’ and i went on to clear 4.60m first time to equal my PR and official National Record.

Did I cry? Yes, I did. Our head coach then, was consoling me to put myself together. It was cry of joy. That was my first time representing Nigeria.

On his African Championships experience, he said “Asaba was a very low moment for me but it is what it is. You have to learn to bounce back and fight. I’m sad but happy for my teammate Samuel (Samuel Osadolor won the bronze medal in the men’s decathlon event).”

L-R Peter Moreno, Long Jump Champ Ese Brume and Samuel Osadolor. Photo Credit: Supashegs



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