Team Nigeria win 13 medals at 2019 African Masters Athletics Championships


Team Nigeria contingent to the 12th African Masters Athletics Championship in Rades, Tunisia won a total of 13 medals- 5 Gold, 6 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals.

Dr. Gloria Obajimi flanked by the Vice President of African Masters Athletics Mr.Smail Boucetta of Algeria.

Dr. Gloria Obajimi, the President of Nigeria Athletics Masters, won gold medals in the W60 200m and 800m events. Reuben Overere Esabunor added to the silver medal he won on Thursday, Feb.7th in the M50 100m by winning Gold and Silver medals respectively in the 200m and 400m races of the same group.

Dr. Safiya Yahaya-Kongoila also added to the gold and silver medals she won in the 40 women group 100m and long-jump, by winning 2 silver medals and a bronze medal in the 200m, triple jump, and 400m events respectively.

Asst. Sec. NAM Dr.Safiya Yahaya-Kongoila won 3 medals at the just concluded African Masters Athletics Championship.

Dele Ige won Gold in the 40 men group Triple Jump event before winning silver in the Long Jump. Olajide Femi Peters won silver in 35 men group 100m race. Well done Veterans!

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