Athletic Heat CFO launches African-themed sports apparel


Athletic Heat Ltd co-founder, Toluwani Adebakin launches an African-inspired apparel line which has two focal goals (i) Promote African designs in sports and urban apparel and (ii) Ultimately use profits from the line to support out-of-school children in Nigeria and then Africa.

In his words, “We are creating WAKA10 to give Athletes like me who like to look great and want to be noticed for our fashion sense an expression. So while we want to run faster and win, we also want to feel and look good and that’s why I am working to create Waka10’s distinctive African-themed sports and urban look.

“I grew up in Africa with its wild wonderful colours, and animals, delicious hot foods, bright colourful festivals and over the years as an athlete I’ve sometimes wanted to splash these wild wonderful expressions on sportsware so that as I mount the winners’ podium I standout in unmissable fashion. Now I have the opportunity to create head turning and unmistakable fashion fusions, that merge bright African forms and patterns onto mono-color sports fabric.” Toluwani stated.

They launched a pre-order campaign on Kickstarter which went live on Thursday August 27th 2020. Kindly follow up and support as they create a new fashion sensation via this link

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