JSE hosts a commendable U18 Athletics Championships in Lagos

The 2018 JSE U18 Athletics Championships was held at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere on Saturday, July 21st with over 100 athletes and 300 spectators who paid a gate fee of N1,000 to gain access into the main bowl.

The events competed in include; 100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump and 4x100m.

After having the fastest time in all heats with 10.7s, Ayodeji Sholontan won the boys 100m in 11.1s with Efesam Agbalivie finishing 2nd in 11.2s while Favour Ekpekpe posted a time of 11.3s to finished 3rd.

One of the leading youth athlete in Nigeria, Anita Taviore clinched the girls title in 12.1s asStella Ayanleke (12.5s) and Alimot Alowonle (13.1s) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Taviore also took the 200m victory in 24.7s with Ayanleke settling for 2nd again with 25.5s while Haruna  Hawawu finished 3rd in 26.8s. The Boys half lap event had final A and B. Sholontan made it a sprint double as he had the fastest time of 22.2s to win Final B. Okpekpe won final A in 22.3s to finish 2nd overall  while Obasola Olaoluwa ran 22.4s to fiish 3rd.

The men’s 400m also  had final A and B as Obasola Olaoluwa had the fastest time of 51.2s to win final A. Tebiti Tejiro finished 2nd in 53.0s while Sholaja Adetola posted 53.2s to place 3rd.

1500m winner from African Athletics Tour last week, Harua Hawawu took the 400m girls title from lane 8 in a time of 57.6s. Adesayan Janet followed in 63.47s while Isreal Oluwabunmi placed 3rd in 63.7s.

While Team Fresh clinched the boys 4x100m in 43.8s. Team Tiger (44.2s) and Team Hive (44.4s) settled for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Anita Taviore led Team Olapade to victory in the girls relays with a time of 51.1s. Eagle Sight finished 2nd in 51.7s while UNK was 3rd in 53.9s.

Speaking on the success of the meet, CEO Junior Sports Event, Adelowo said “Well, firstly a big thank you to everyone who came out and brought so much energy to the atmosphere. Secondly, I must say I was really impressed by the turn out of athletes and spectators in this second edition.  It just shows there’s a lot to do when it comes to athletics in Nigeria, because the joy that filled these athletes not just for winning but for competing and being able to leave a better and stronger athletes tells a lot. By Gods grace Junior Sports will be able to keep this standards and years to come will be hosting the biggest sporting competitions in Nigeria.” stated the 18-yr-old CEO.

About JSE’s future plans, he said “Currently we are working on partnering with some sporting agencies so this event achieve it’s aim of also being a scouting exercise for young n talented individuals hence bridging the gap between athletes and their potential endorsements.”



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