Ex-International Orode Oyiki gives hope to 110m hurdlers!

In the year 1996, an African Silver medalist in the 110m hurdles emerged from Nigeria and now he is inspiring the new generation of hurdlers to do just like he did or even more.

This is not the first time the Ireland based Ex-International Mr Orode Oyiki is extending his kindness to the home based athletes as he did this at the 207 All Nigeria Championships to spice them to perform better.

He took to Facebook page, Nigeria Athletics Incorporated to share his plan ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games trials for 110m hurdles. He said;

“Good morning athletic lovers. How are we doing?
It’s no news that in keeping with.our renowned playing second fiddle to soccer, the Commonwealth Game trials this year is a home-based affair. No thanks to inefficient and shortsighted Federal Ministry of Sport officials. If this would translate to a better deal for the home based athletes it would have been marvelous. But it’s the same old story.
“At the bottom of this inefficiency and premeditated cruelty is the issue of greed and stomach infrastructure. The officials know what they are doing by not making funds available or delaying the release. I hope they are able to settle the training grants of our athletes who have been making news and have been there for our nation. They must ensure they are paid other entitlements as from experience the money that has not been available would be available to throw about by officials during the Games.
How do we support the home based athletes?”

He continued, “I’m sticking with the 110 m hurdles event this year. The monetary prize would be based on the performance of the lead hurdler. If the first returns a time below 14 seconds then he gets 40k. If the second returns a time under 14 seconds he gets 30k and the third 20k if he returns under 14 seconds or 14 seconds dead. If none returns below 14 seconds they will share 60k as follows 1st -25k,2nd,20k and 3rd,15k. Instant payments please.
God bless our athletes and athletics today and always. Amen.
” He said.

This excited the athletes as they were motivated to give their best. Here’s the reaction of the Top 3 athletes after the race.

“I will always appreciate his effort and support because even without running the sub 14s he still dropped a prize so we can smile. With him alone, we will definetly pull lots of sub 4 out of the event because of his support” – Winner, Oyeniyi Abejoye (14.07s)

“Well first let me say a very big thank you to him for being kind to the 110m hurdlers, I love his encouragement, if other people can be like him, I see Nigerian athletes moving forward. When you know there’s something to gain for you to win a race, you would give all that you have inside of you to make sure you win that race and get the prize, in doing so you’re improving. So he is really doing a great job! I appreciate his kindness and love shown to the 110m hurdlers. Thanks. – Bashiru Abdullahi (14.08s)

“This is not the first time, he is helping or donating cash to 110m hurdlers. I want to thank him for his support and kindness for giving out cash award to we the hurdlers. May God bless him and his family”- Martins Ogieriahki (14.10s).

Other participants who shone like bright stars in the well competed final that got the scanty crowd at the stadium on their feet are Okon Samuel Etim (14.65s) and  Yusuf Mohammed (14.97s)

Bahiru (L), Oyeniyi (M) and Martins (R) gave nothing to chance as they clattered the barriers fighting for who would be the first to get to the finish line. Photo Credit: MakingOfChamps

Mr Orode has reinstated his support while commenting on a Interview Clip of Oyeniyi on Facebook. He said “Go for the time my guy. We did it you can do better. I will be putting 100k at stake for a 13.5sec or 13.6s electronics timing next year. Just work hard! I can see the determination. God bless!”

Many may not know that financial incentives motivate athletes to go the extra mile in achieving laurels. Thank you Mr Orode for being an active supporter of Athletics in Nigeria.

We use this medium to call on all ex-athletes to follow this trend and support this current generation of Nigerian athletes




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