AFN sets A, B & C Int’l standards ahead of 2018

The new board of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has began work in earnest to ensure that their tenure will outclass that of their predecessors. With that being said, the 2017/2018 Athletics season is set to get underway on Nov 24, 2017 with the AFN All Comers in Abuja while the 1st AFN Golden League will hold on Dec. 1-2nd in Kaduna.

The new board have also come up with a considerate plan as they have released THREE standards to enable athletes qualify to compete at different International Competitions. We wish every athlete the very best!


Athletics Federation of Nigeria International Competitions Standards 2017/2018
Standard A
Female   Male
A Event A
11.15s 100m 10.14s
22.63s 200m 20.42s
50.81s 400m 45.40s
1min59.24s 800m 1min46.50s
4min07.0s 1500m 3min39.70s
9min45.0s 3000m s/c 8min30.0s
15min25.0s 5000m 13min25.0s
32min15.0s 10000m 28min10.0s
2hrs34.0min Marathon 2hrs14.0min
1hr37.00min 20km RW 1hr25.00min
12.80s 100mh/110mh 13.62s
55.20s 400mh 49.60s
1.91m High Jump 2.26m
6.75m Long Jump 8.00m
13.85m Triple Jump 16.80m
4.25m Pole vault 5.50m
17.37m Shot put 19.20m
58.00m Discus 60.00m
60.83m Javelin 77.00m
5900pts Hep/Deca 7850pts
67.50m Hammer 71.50m
44.14s 4x100m 39.20s
3:29.84s 4x400m 3:02.75s
Athletics Federation of Nigeria International Competitions Standards 2017/2018
Standard B
Female   Male
B Event B
11.45s 100m 10.22s
23.3s 200m 20.63s
52.50s 400m 45.90s
2min03.17s 800m 1min47.26s
4min12.05s 1500m 3min41.30s
9min57.0s 3000m s/c 8min42.01s
15min48.16s 5000m 13min34.20s
32min42.0s 10000m 28min37.02s
2hrs36.07s Marathon 2hrs 12.43min
1hr 44.20s 20km RW 1hr 31.20s
13.44s 100mh/110mh 13.98s
58.00s 400mh 50.78s
1.80m High Jump 2.17m
6.30m Long Jump 7.76m
13.10m Triple Jump 16.13m
3.87m Pole vault 5.10m
15.50m Shot put 17.64m
51.42m Discus 55.29m
50.53m Javelin 72.15m
5,150pts Hep/Deca 7, 130pts
59.91m Hammer 63.40m
Athletics Federation of Nigeria International Competitions Standards 2017/2018
Standard C (Entry)
Female   Male
C Event C
11.58s 100m 10.30s
23.59s 200m 20.84s
53.29s 400m 46.45s
2:05.30s 800m 1min47.98s
4:17.19s 1500m 3min42.77s
11:40.00s 3000m s/c 8min54.20s
16min12.00s 5000m 13min43.48s
36min40.00s 10000m 29min03.68s
2hr38in.24 Marathon 2hr 11.20min
1hr 51.59s 20km RW 1hr 38.00s
13.67s 100mh/110mh 14.34s
59.84s 400mh 52.00s
1.73m High Jump 2.08m
5.99m Long Jump 7.51m
12.37m Triple Jump 15.44m
3.50m Pole vault 4.70m
13.44m Shot put 16.09m
44.78m Discus 50.52m
44.04m Javelin 67.29m
4, 401pts Hep/Deca 6, 403pts
52.39m Hammer 55.35m




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