Nigeria’s Amazon Warrior Moe Sasegbon chats with Athletic Heat.

It’s not new to see actors of Nigerian descent in Hollywood/British movies i.e. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Hakeem Kae-Kazim but it’s certainly new to have a Nigerian athlete in a blockbuster movie.

Moe Sosegban born on September 16th, 1991 in Lagos is a native of Ogun state who represented  Nigeria  at the 2015 All Africa Games in Brazzaville, Congo. The heptathlete was a cast in Wonder Woman wherein she played a role of an Amazon warrior.  She speaks to Athletic Heat on how she got the role, her life as an athlete, what you should expect in Justice League movie amongst other things. Read on!

When did you begin your athletic career?
My career started at the age of 14 when I joined an athletics club in England. I started off being a high jumper, training twice a week after school.
You started athletics at a very young age.   What propelled you to go into the sport?
I think I was about 7 or 8, my father loved athletics so he decided my sister and I to should start training at National Stadium in Surulere. I wasn’t very good and definitely didn’t take it seriously, but my sister had more of the natural talent for high jump. My mother took us after school for about a year.
Are there any reasons behind why you haven’t competed for Nigeria after 2015 All Africa Games?
I haven’t had the opportunity to. Unfortunately I wasn’t selected for the African Championships in Durban last year as Nigeria wasn’t able to take a full team due to ‘low funds’ despite gaining the qualifying standards for both high jump and heptathlon. I’m currently working toward achieving the standards for the Common Wealth games next year.
How did you get to cast in Wonder woman? What was your role in the movie?
My coach showed me a message going round that was advertising for tall athletic looking girls, I got in touch and went for a few auditions. I was cast as an Amazon Warrior.
How do you cope with  training and acting?
Fortunately training for the movie complimented my own training at the time. We spent 4 hours a day doing both gym and stunts training; I was then able to do my own sessions in the evenings.
Have you had any major competition this year?
Not yet. My focus this year is to qualify for the Common Wealth games.
Are there any other talents you have you’ll like us to know about since this came as a surprise to everyone?
I wouldn’t say its a talent, but I like baking healthy snacks, I find recipes online and try and re-create them. My favorite is coconut/peanut butter cookies.
What should we be expecting from you in the upcoming movie “Justice League”?
In Justice League I also play an Amazon warrior. I only worked on this movie for a short while so my role isn’t as prominent as it was in Wonder Woman.
How are your preparations towards the world championships?
The world championships isn’t a realistic goal for me this year. Where I am in my career right now its more realistic for me to focus on the Common Wealth games as that’s where I can see my self qualifying and doing well.
What does a typical day look like for you?
Each day is different for me but usually work during the day then training in the evening. I have a different session every day ranging between the gym and track work doing 2 or 3 events a day.
How was it combining sports and education ?
I started doing it from a young age so I think that definitely gave me an advantage. It’s difficult but if you’re disciplined and develop a routine it’s doable. Most importantly you should enjoy and love your sport or it’ll seem that much harder to balance both.
Would you say joining Sheffield Hallam University was a turning point in your career?
I’d say being in University definitely showed me what athletics would look like as a full time career. I was fortunate enough to train with Jessica Ennis- Hill up until the 2012 Olympics in London. I learnt a lot from my training group in Sheffield, things like lifting weights, competing at a senior level and its where the start of my training for heptathlon began. I grew in to a more mature senior athlete, I’m not sure it was a turning point but more of an important chapter in my athletics journey so far.
You competed for the Senior GB team in 2013,  what was the experience like?
It was amazing, it had been one of my goals of mine for long time so it was great to finally gain an international vest. I also got to compete with some of my training partners which made it even more fun.
How do you as a heptathlete shuttle between your various training sections?
I combine different events on different days. For example I usually do high jump, shot put and speed endurance 200m work on one day, then hurdles, long jump and either short sprints or 800m work on another day. My programme incorporates javelin, gym work and recovery days as well. This is all fits in around my work as a physiotherapist 4 days a week.
Who is your favorite Nigerian athlete?
My parents, they both competed for The University of Ife in Swimming and Basketball.
What’s your favorite Nigerian dish?  Can you prepare it?
 Pounded yam and Edikaikong or Puff Puff. I can make Puff Puff but Edikaikong is a bit more challenging!
Out of all your events which event is your best?
High Jump is my strongest event but not always my favourite. I love shot put because it makes me feel powerful.



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