Ladies In Sports 2016(Prt2): Chioma Ajunwa and Glory Alozie

Yesterday,  we did a review on Mrs Bukky Kabiri-Whyte speech at Ladies
in Sports 2016 and you would recall that Ladies in Sports ( LIS ) conference is a platform for women in Sports to be celebrated, motivated and equipped to be the best they can be.
It is an avenue for sports women and administrators of females in Sports to develop and improve talent and the industry through education, training and a structured reward system. To this end, the LIS 2016 conference was targeted towards athletes from all sports and the Sports media for training in sports medicine, anti doping , PR and Branding and physiotherapy.

After a scintillating talk  from PR expert; Mrs Bukky Kabiri-Whyte. She successfully passed the baton to Nigeria’s first Olympic Gold medalist; Mrs Chioma Ajunwa Oparah who is presently a police officer at Ogudu police station,  Lagos state. She spoke motivationally and explicitly on the topic “THE BEST YOU”

IMG_2837.JPG Mrs Chioma Ajunwa Oparah Speaking
She started with some quotes before giving her speech, she said
.  “Professional people do  not miss stands.”
.” Either you believe you will be great or not you are right.”
.  “When you strive to be ” THE BEST YOU”,  you get better,when you
don’t strive to be “THE BEST YOU”, you become ordinary.
   After the quotes, she gave  steps on how to be THE BEST YOU in your
area of specialization:
. Determine where your passion lies and go for it.
. Study the life of successful people in your area of direction.
. Strive to have a mentor or role model
. Set long and short-term goals: “Training for a year to be a national
champion is possible and it can be seen as a short term goal while
training for four years to be an Olympic champion is also very
possible and can be seen as a long term goal. Set your goals right”
she said.
. Work hard in your area of interest in order to achieve your goal:
The former African Champion,  used herself as a case study here.
“Whenever it’s time for circuit training during my training days,  we
do hundred sit-ups and fifty push ups and immediately I get home, I do
two hundred sit-ups and hundred push-ups and repeat it again before
going to bed. That way hundred sit-ups and fifty push ups will be very
easy for me to do. Hardworking is what matters” She said.
. Don’t let obstacles pull you down.
. Keep a good attitude: Discipline in sports us what matters most.
Even if you have the talent and there is no discipline, you are
nothing! Try to keep a good attitude.
.  Set your priorities right before any other thing.
. Train and retrain yourself in your area of interest.
    She also mentioned ways to be professional in your area of
interest so as to be THE BEST YOU.

Mrs Chioma Ajunwa-Oparah encouraged all athletes to continue being at
their best always and ask God for direction. She also summed up  her
speech with some quotes like how she began.
“Being a professional is doing the things you love to do even on
the days you don’t feel like doing it”
       “You will be a topic only when you’re on top”
       “It’s never too late or too early to be who you are capable of being”

Before we had a lunch break,  another Olympic Nigerian/ Spanish star;
Glory Alozie-Macaulay held the room spell-bound as she dished out a
topic on how to be successful.

IMG_2836Glory Alozie-Macaulay encouraging athletes

The  100m hurdles African Record Holder said,

‘Preparation is what gives other countries edge over us.  Countries
like Ethiopia and Kenya always emerge top both in Africa and the world
in long distances while countries like Jamaica,  who aren’t half of
Nigeria’s population are ruling the world in the sprints all because
they prepare ahead of us. ‘

Scientifically,  to win an Olympic medal,  it takes about 2, 400
programmed days= 6 years.  Thus for 2020 Tokyo Olympics,  Nigerians
are two years late but we can still make something happen

She added ‘When there is more  investment,  it gets higher skilled
athletes and coaches and this results to better  performance.’

Her advice to athletes,

‘You have to stick to your goals. When we were preparing for the
African Championship. I was dropped because they felt my time wasn’t
good enough to pick a medal at the competition.  My coach had to beg
and I was put back on the team to Cameroon.  Lo and behold I won the
Gold medal in the 100m hurdles with a time of 13.62s and a few months
later I went for the World Juniors and I ran a better time of 13.30s.
This was because I was determined.

She ended by saying,
‘As an athlete,  you have to be disciplined.  When its time to train,
always be there. When its to sleep do so as well and when you are
disciplined you excel as an athlete’

After Glory’s speech,  she presented training kits to two  table
tennis players and a track and field youngster; Ruth Usoro,  who
recently won a Gold medal in the long jump at the just concluded
ECOWAS Games was awarded training grants by the organizers.

IMG_2835 Presentation of award to Ruth Usoro

We sincerely apologize for not posting as earlier stated.  This was
due to some technical issues. In that light,  we want you to keep tabs
with this space as we review Mrs Chukwa Adaku and Dr. Akinwunmi Amao’s
speech which is the third and final part of LIS 2016 Conference.

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