Nigeria’s Fastest Man 2015 Seye Ogunlewe on The Heat

SEYE OGUNLEWE, Crowned 100m 2015 National Champion speaks exclusively to ATHLETIC HEAT on his career, personal life and on Nigerian Athletics! The sprinter stunned Nigerians to win the men’s 100m title with a time of 10.19seconds equalling his personal best set in Loughborough July 2015.

seye6National 100m Champion, Seye Ogunlewe

It’s a pleasure granting us this interview Seye. Can you briefly tell
us who Seye Ogunlewe is?

It’s my pleasure. Seye Ogunlewe is a 24 year old Nigerian boy/man based in the United Kingdom, Last child from a family of 5. I studied here in the UK at the University of Essex. Also a professional athlete for Nigeria just trying to be the best he can be.

young seye.jpg Young Seye Ogunlewe

While in school in the UK, did you experience any form of racism?

Not that I can remember my school had a lot of multicultural people so that was never the case.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?

I would say wearing the country’s colors at the commonwealth games in front of thousands of people was a great feeling.

What do you do in training that is key to your success?

It depends. We have different things we work on so I can’t say there’s one specific thing we do to make me better. In the sport you have to be good at everything to a certain extent to do very well.

True! So what are your goals and aspirations for the 2016 season? As the Olympics and African championships are coming up.

To be the best I can be, also stay Injury free, wear the colors of my country at the highest
stage e.g. African Champs and Olympics.

As a Nigerian athlete, what are some of the challenges you face?

I always get asked this question but I try not to pay much attention to it. Everyone has challenges you just have to know how to deal with them. If I say I have this challenge as a Nigerian athlete, I’m sure there are other athletes that have bigger challenges. So I just do what i have to do in my power to get better.

What differentiates you from other athletes on the track?

My ability to fight

Fight? Could you please expatiate?

Stay composed when things aren’t going well and believe in the process.

We follow your tweets and we see that you are a die-hard Manchester United fan. So if you were not doing athletics, what other sports would you have engaged in?

I know! I’m a die-hard united fan I would definitely be playing football I used to be pretty decent and I was the captain of my high school team, but I had to stop playing because of track

Do you have any recommended resources to share (books, website etc.) that would be helpful to athletes reading this interview?

Books Gold Rush by Michael Johnson, just listening to other people in the sport who have achieved a lot.

So who is the person (or people) who have had the most influence on your sporting success? And briefly tell us about your coach

My family and my friends they keep me going every day to become the best I can possibly be. My coach is Michael Afilaka who has coached some top athletes to name a few so he knows what it takes to achieve at the highest level.

So when he is in Nigeria, who then trains you?

The assistant coach.

 We haven’t heard about any lady in your life, tell if there is someone or what is going on in that area?

Please don’t ask that question haha that’s a bit irrelevant don’t you think? haha

Haha.. Just wanted to know your reply.

Can you tell us our fast you are in the 100m? And anything else you’d like to share with our esteem readers?

My 100m PB is 10.19. Don’t really have much to say just want to say stick to your dreams and go for it 100 percent.

seye5.jpgSeye claminng the 100m National title

Thanks so much for your time. Wish you a glorious, victorious and injury-free 2016 season. Bless!

Thanks God bless



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